Apartment Alterations

Hard Surface Flooring

It is important for owners who are considering changing their surface flooring understand their obligations.

Adverse noise transfer can have a major impact on the peaceful enjoyment of apartment living.

Please lodge written details with Logiudice Property Group prior to installation detailing;

  1. That an acoustic underlay will be installed between the concrete floor slab and the proposed flooring.
  2. The acoustic underlay will comply to Australian Standards for the Building Code of Australia Requirements ISO 140-7 and ISO 717-2.
  3. The material chosen will ensure that the transfer of sound through to the floor below will not be greater than 62dB.
  4. The flooring must comply with the relevant Royale Apartments By Law item 34.1, 34.2 & 39.
  5. The acoustic underlay must be installed as per its manufactures instructions and according to Aust Standards.
  6. The apartment owner is wholly responsible to ensure these instructions are carried out.

Air Conditioner Replacements

Please Note the Following Important Points:  When obtaining a quote, please liaise with the building manager to obtain access to the Plant Room  which houses the outdoor units.

Please lodge written details with Logiudice Strata prior to installation stating

  1. A step-by-step plan from the installer on how the works are to be carried out, together with a scope of work and specifications.
  2. Copy of the installers current Public Liability insurance.
  3. Details of what cutting of Common Area Ceilings or Walls, and how this will be reinstated, covered and painted.
  4. As per the By Laws, any alteration to Common Areas must be approved by The Royale Council prior to works.   Logiudice Property Group – Strata must receive all above information and will liaise with the Council to provide written approval for the proposed works.