Keeping of Animals

Owners, potential owners and tenants, please be aware that while it is permissible to keep Dogs or other Animals in your apartment at Royale, it is important to follow the rules laid out in our By Laws.

Please fill out a Pet Application Form (available from MembersPage> Documents Link, once you have obtained a login) and email to Strata Manager who will present the application to the Royale Council of Owners for consideration.

It is especially important to note with dogs that owners need to control and carry their dog when moving through common areas (corridors, lifts, basements, foyer, etc).

You are responsible for any mess made in common areas by your dog.

Barking dogs can be a major source of problems for apartment living. Please consider this when selecting a dog to live at Royale Apartments.

Dogs often bark at external noise, construction noise, other dogs, strong wind, fireworks and public events.

Please remember as the apartment occupier you will be responsible for your dog and any noise issues.

We have often found this occurs when the owner is not at home, with successive complaints which can create an unpleasant atmosphere for other residents.

A breach of the By Laws is likely to incur penalties, additionally for tenants, a breach will usually constitute a breach of their lease agreement.

Schedule 1, Section 31 of the By Laws is (available from MembersPage> Documents Link, once you have obtained a login).