Moving In/Out

  1. Please read through the New Resident Information Booklet once you have obtained a login.
  2. Please meet with the building manager who will show you all the building and recreational facilities and how security and building access operates.
  3. Please sign the last page of the Booklet and hand to the building manager.
  4. Apartment Keys and Remotes will then be handed to the new resident.
  5. The building manager can arrange a lift booking prior to you moving in if required.  Alternatively, please use the Lift Booking Form under the Member Form tab of this site once you have obtained a login.
  6. Property Managers are also expected to respect and to follow this process.
  7. Please do not dispose large/ bulky items, (such as Boxes, Packaging Styrofoam, Luggage, Bubble wrap, Mattress Bags, etc.) in the bin chute as that may cause blockages. Cost to unblock the bin chute will be borne by the resident.

If you have any questions, please ask the Building Manager, Concierge, or call or email Logiudice Property Group Management Services.