Recreational Facilities

Residents’ Recreational Facilities – Conditions of Use

The Residents’ Lounge, Games Room, Pool, BBQ Area and Sauna are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm daily.

Concierge will lock these areas at 10.00pm.

Please remember each Resident may have no more than three guests present in any Common area. You must remain with your Guest/s at all times in any common areas.

Please return Games Room items to Storage Racks after use.

Please report any Damage to the Building Manager, Concierge, or Strata Manager.

Please respect these times and the use of these facilities and encourage others to do the same. Any misuse of these facilities may result in them being closed.   Any unruly, antisocial or offensive behaviour in these areas will not be tolerated.

Concierge patrol these areas regularly, and will call for Police attendance if required.  Security cameras are in use in Common Areas, recordings are retained and will be handed to Police if required.

Any persons showing signs of intoxication will be required to leave Common Areas.  Royale Council has a zero Tolerance to Antisocial Behaviour and has a ‘No Tolerance Policy’ in place.